Complain and you’re out: Research confirms link between tenant complaints and revenge eviction

Private renters in England who formally complain about issues such as damp and mould in their home have an almost one-in-two (46%) chance of being issued an eviction notice within 6 months, according to a new report - Touch and go - released by Citizens Advice. The...

Scams Awareness Month

Citizens Advice Solihull Borough helps people get clued up on spotting scams Here at Citizens Advice Solihull Borough we're highlighting scams all month to help people know when they’ve been targeted with a scam. This is part of Scams Awareness Month in June, a...

Closed – 7 June 2018 Thank you to all our Volunteers

Volunteer Week Celebrations  We wish to thank all of our Volunteers for their time, commitment and support over the last 12 months. To celebrate the hard work that they have undertaken for local people in Solihull we are closing early on Thursday 7 June 2018 (from...

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