Reporting Hate Crime in Solihull


Citizens Advice Solihull Borough (CASB) is urging people to come into their local office and report hate incidents, whether they have witnessed an incident or been a victim.

What is a Hate Crime?


A hate incident involves targeted hostility, violence or prejudice against someone because of their disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation. If the incident is a crime, it is also known as a hate ‘crime’. Examples of hate incidents (and hate crimes) include verbal or physical assaults, graffiti, harassment by phone or social media, and damage to your home, property, community centre or place of worship. Hate incidents can happen to anyone.

Kerry Turner, Chief Executive of CASB says that, “We all have the right to live free from violence, harassment or hostility, but over the years, we have seen how devastating hate incidents can be to individuals, families and the wider community. Hate incidents target people because of who they are.

“We want people to feel able to come in and tell us about any hate incident they experience or witness, no matter how minor they might seem. Hate incidents are a form of discrimination and can be a consequence or underlying cause of other problems for which people need advice.”

A film and podcast by Citizens Advice explain remedies to combat hate incidents. The film, “It’s not OK!”, can be found on YouTube at whilst the podcast can be found at:

Case Study


A man with learning disabilities was subject to an online social network bullying campaign. The resident’s personal details were published and mobile phone videos of him were uploaded. Hundreds of people became members and joined the online campaign to mock and harass him.

The case was resolved by the local Citizens Advice working with the police, the social network site and other partners to identify those responsible, remove the site, support the client and take action against those responsible.

How can I report a Hate Crime?


If you have suffered or have witnessed a Hate Crime, you can talk about the incident in strict confidence with one of our trained adviser’s at CASB. You will receive detailed advice and support on how to report a Hate Crime or we can report incidents to the police on your behalf in strict confidence, with your consent.

Please visit us or call 0121 704 7810 for more help and click here for more information.

In an emergency always dial 999 and ask for the police.


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