CASB is funded to provide a holistic wellbeing service to patients of the GP practices in Solihull.  I think of my year as starting in April; this is when our  contract with Birmingham and Solihull CCG starts.  It was strange then to start the year 2 weeks into a 12 weeks of  lock down!

I visit 10 GP practices in north Solihull on a 2 week rotation; spending half my week in a GP surgery seeing clients face to face.  Since March 2020, I have been  delivering the service from home over the telephone.  Patients are referred to me by their GP or make a self referral.  

In April emergency legislation came into force helping people with rent and wages.  

Patients have raised these issues:

  • Receiving notices to quit
  • Relationship advice
  • Disrepair in their house
  • Court hearing for repossession
  • Applications for benefits / form filling
  • Rescheduling debts
  • Obtaining food, medication and support

Sue Conlon

209 Households accessed our service

£456,000 Benefits gained

£237,000 Debt rescheduled

1312 Issues raised


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