About to apply for Universal Credit for the first time, but have been told that there is a six week wait before the first payment. Are you worried that you won’t be able to pay bills. Is there anything you can do?

After applying for Universal Credit, there’s usually a five or six week wait before your first payment, which is explained during the application process.


Although you can’t be paid faster, there are things you can do to help tide you over.


As part of the claim process, you’ll usually attend an interview at the Jobcentre Plus.


At the interview ask if you can apply for an “advance payment” – this is a loan that will be deducted from your future benefits.


You’ll need to show how much money you need for essential bills like food and housing, and explain why the loan will protect you from serious financial difficulty – like being unable to pay your rent.


Alternatively, you can apply for an advance payment through the Universal Credit helpline on 0345 600 0723.


It’s best to apply as early as possible in your claim, as you may be turned down otherwise.


If you are refused an advance payment, you can ask the Jobcentre Plus for a reconsideration. Emergency assistance may be available if you are still turned down – Jobcentre Plus or Citizens Advice can inform of you of your next steps.


For help with your application or more information on managing your money, contact Citizens Advice Solihull Borough on 0121 704 7810


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