Client had been referred by her GP as she was feeling very low. On speaking with the client she disclosed that she was desperately unhappy where she was living. She had moved to her current property two years before, after she had been admitted to hospital with an illness that could have prevented her from walking again. 

The client’s son persuaded her to sell her three bedroom house and move to a more accessible property. The client had agreed with it at the time, but admitted that she was feeling so ill that she could not think clearly. The house was sold within weeks and the client moved into her new property.

As the client recovered and regained her independence, she realised that she absolutely hated the environment that she now found herself in. There were numerous problems including that the client had nothing in common with the other residents and had difficulty accessing the laundry room.

The client felt so desperate that she had told her son that if she had to remain in the property for the rest of her life, she would rather kill herself. As the client privately rented the property, she could see no way out of her situation. In addition, the property was costing her more than she could afford and she was using her savings to pay the excess.

After our initial consultation, the CAB Adviser referred the client to a CAB Housing Adviser. The Housing Adviser informed the client that she had a right to be moved to a more suitable property, as she could not handle some stairs within the building, which made the property unsuitable for her needs.

The CAB Housing Adviser put the client in touch with a lady at the Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council who is now working with the client to find her more suitable accommodation.

The client was so relieved that there was a solution to her problem and was very grateful for the intervention of the CAB. The client now felt that she had something to look forward to and was positive that she would move to another property in the coming 12 months.

The CAB Adviser also referred the client to CAB Active Chats programme, as the client felt that she wasn’t getting the exercise that she needed to sustain her mobility. The client said she really enjoyed the sessions and had started going on walks again as she had regained her confidence.

The client stated that “you gave me the confidence to get better. I couldn’t put a price on the service that you provide. You go above and beyond”.


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