In Solihull, of the 121,950 people that voted, 68,484 (56.2%) voted to leave and 53,466 (43.8%) voted to remain in European Union (EU). Residents voted with a clear majority to leave the political and economic union along with most of the rest of the country. As we continue to digest this result it is really important to note that nothing will change suddenly.

The Prime Minister (PM) resigned in the immediate aftermath of the result and stated that it would be the responsibility of the new PM to trigger the Article 50 request to the EU to negotiate the exit of the United Kingdom. This will be a long process of negotiation.

The picture of things to come is not yet fully clear nor is it clear what this will mean for people’s day to day lives. People derive very specific rights from being members of the EU, these won’t change immediately. It is a reasonable expectation that Government will legislate as a result of leaving the EU but until this happens it is difficult to say precisely what impact it will have.

What we have seen nationally in the immediate aftermath is a 57% increase in xenophobic abuse, plummeting value of the Pound and sustained uncertainty in the financial market and political arena. Locally, Meriden MP, Caroline Spellman has said that Britain’s choice to leave the EU raises concerns over the future of young people and the long term stability of the economy. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), whilst expressing sadness at the outcome, however, have stated that Brexit will not impact planned JLR investment. Solihull Police have also commented that they haven’t seen an immediate upsurge in reporting and haven’t felt the increase in crimes covered by the media.

Whilst this debate has divided the country, to maintain our impartiality as an organisation, we have remained neutral. We recognise, however, that the result will have implications for Citizens Advice and residents of Solihull and we might expect an increase in demand for our services as residents are likely to have questions about what the outcome means for them. We want to be clear; your rights around work, claiming benefits and life in the UK won’t change unless new laws are passed. This will take time.

If you have more questions, if you think you’ve been discriminated against since the referendum or need advice please call us on 0121 704 7810 or click here and read more about Brexit.


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