My name is Steve Mash and I have been volunteering working at Citizens Advice for over 2 years now (doesn’t time fly!). It is my dream job and it is so lovely to be able to do something of real value to society (rather than in my previous life in the murky and dubious corporate world!)

I have always been an active person but as I age my options become more limited. Luckily, I still have relatively few problems cycling and so am undertaking a 100 mile cycle around London on July 30th. All money raised will go directly to my local Citizens Advice where it will help us to continue to offer invaluable services to the community it serves.

Okay, initially I thought it was 100km which is much less of a distance, but now I have got my head around the fact it’s a longer distance I’m looking forward to the adventure. I am currently in training with my family where we have regularly been cycling 20 miles or so (see the video for the proof!). I am so proud of my partner and daughter for attempting this as neither has ever cycled so far before. Their particular journey with me will culminate on 30th April where we are all doing a 35 mile cycle around Cambridge in aid of SCOPE. After that, their support for my 100 mile cycle may become more a moral one!

I’m pretty sure I can do 100 miles though it was a long, long, long time ago when I last cycled so far in a day. I remember doing the London to Brighton cycle in my 20’s and after getting to Brighton and spending a few hours on the beach I then cycled all the way back. I seem to remember that even then it was tough! More recently I cycled around the Isle Of Wight in a day – that’s 70 miles – so I only have to cycle a wee bit more in July!

Please help to support me / Citizens Advice with this adventure.

Thank you


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